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PJSC “PMK-508”

Structural subdivision of PJSC "AGROBUDMEKHANIZATSIIA"

Company Information

Joint-Stock Company "PMK-508" was founded on the basis of the decision of the founder - the State Property Fund of Ukraine dated September 21, 2001 No. 6-AT, acting on the basis of the Provisional Regulations on the State Property Fund of Ukraine, approved by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from 07.06.1992. No. 2558-XII, by transforming the Office of Construction Mechanization into an Open Joint Stock Company "Peresuvna Mekhanizovana Kolona-508" in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Features of Property Privatization in Agro-Industrial Complex" and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11.09.1996, № 1099 "On approval of the transformation process of privatization of state, rental companies and companys with mixed ownership into public companies."

Services provided by PJSC «PMK-508»

Activities: general construction of buildings (new works, works on replacement, reconstruction and restoration), activity of road freight transport, other types of wholesale

  • assembling external and internal heat supply, water supply and sewage networks
  • assembling external and internal gas supply networks, gas distribution substantion and generator switchgear
  • assembling ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • assembling boilers and individual heat points
  • drop weight works and manufacturing of metal constructions
  • freight transportation


was created for the implementation of a complex of construction, assembling and earthworks, installation of bases and foundations, pile works, erection of bearing and enclosing structures, buildings and structures, works on assembling technological equipment and sanitary engineering works.

PJSC "PMK-508" carries out its production and economic activity in the following directions:

  • development of its own production base, manufacturing of products of industrial and technical purposes and consumer goods, various services, including household and maintenance service
  • repair of machines and mechanisms, tools, vehicles, both own and ordered
  • production of building materials, parts, constructions
  • implementation of industrial and civil engineering by means of modern technologies
  • providing of services by motor vehicles and other machinery and mechanisms
  • design, installation and operation of ventilation systems and air conditioning
  • gas supply and its maintenance
  • other activities

The Company is a legal entity from the date of its state registration and carries out its activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the Charter.

The activity of PJSC "PMK-508" is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, in particular, Kyiv, Rivne, Zaporizzia, Mykolaiiv, Volyn, Kherson regions, etc. During the last years, the company has increased the volume of executed works by several times.

We performed works for Private Company "Lukoil-Ukraine", JV "Gedeon Richter UA", pharmaceutical company "Alba-Ukraine", ATSC n.a. Antonov, State Company "Boryspil International Airport", CPD of Kyiv Regional State Administration, OJSC "Ukrainian Innovation and Finance Company", Academy of Security of Ukraine, SPOCT "Max-Well", State Service of Motor Roads of Ukraine, Boryspil Car Plant, "New Trade Technologies" Ltd., SC “Avon Cosmetics Ukraine”, NAEC "Energoatom" and many others.

Over the past years, more than 50 construction projects have been commissioned::

  • hotel complex for 74 seats with a household unit and boiler-houses on the territory of IABP "Yahodyn" in Volyn region
  • administrative building and complex of buildings of IABP "Yahodyn”
  • Fuel filling station for Private Company "LUKOIL Ukraine" in Odessa
  • Fuel filling station for Private Company "LUKOIL Ukraine" for 24 km of Kyiv-Kharkiv route
  • Fuel filling station in Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Fuel filling station for 24 km of Kiev-Boryspil highway
  • Reconstruction of buildings for the pharmaceutical company "Alba Ukraine"
  • Business centre within the territory of the exhibition complex near Chubynske Village, Boryspil district
  • reconstruction of the administrative building of "Trubizh"Ltd
  • reconstruction of premises for the production of buses at CJSC "Boryspil Automobile Plant"
  • a workshop for the production of medicines in Vyshneve Town
  • reconstruction of a boiler room of UMB-17 residential district in Boryspil
  • Regional State Archives in Kyiv
  • grain processing and drying line for "Agroregion" Ltd.
  • technical re-equipment of feed mill "KORM" Ltd.
  • construction of a 45-apartment house, a business meeting center in Netishin, Khmelnytskyi region
  • Construction of a boiler house in the village Bilogorodka, Kyiv region
  • installation of heating for boxes of the emergency and technical center of Ukraine in the village Bilogorodka, Kyiv region
  • external networks of household sewerage in Complex of rehabilitation, health care and recreation of VP ATC in the grove "Kozynski Pahorby" on the territory of Tsibliv village council of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi district in Kyiv region
  • gasification of villages Nikopol, Khotianivka, Pirnove, Oseshchyna of Vyshhorod district
  • gas supply of horticultural societies on the lands of Gnidyn village council of Boryspil district
  • total renovation of shops Kyiv State Aviation Plant "Aviant"
  • building of a residential house number 412/3 in the housing complex Northern of Kuznetsovsk town, Rivne region
  • Office-warehouse complex of a Subsidiary Company “Avon Cosmetics Ukraine” in the village Shchaslyve Borispol District
  • a complex of religious (temple) buildings, among others: Temple, Prayer house, house for visitors of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ukraine Sofiivska Borshchahivka village, Kyiv-Sviatoshyns district
  • 72-apartment residential house on Enerhostroitelei Street in Yuzhnoukrainsk town, Mykolaiv region, SC NAEC "Energoatom"
  • a dwelling house in the village Shchaslyve of Borispol District
  • a dwelling house with built-in premises in the housing complex Omega-2A, building 2 in Sevastopol City, Crimea
  • Ukrainian laboratory of quality and safety of agricultural products for the National Agrarian University
  • The device of internal networks of water supply, sewerage and heating systems in the building of OJSC "Boryspilagrotrans"
  • Gas supply of the trade and entertainment complex on Kyivskyi Shliakh Street, Boryspil town
  • Reconstruction of the customs-licensed warehouse in Boryspil on Shevchenko street for CJSC “Alba Ukraine”
  • Installation of compressed air pipeline for "Marbet" Ltd
  • Ventilation and air conditioning of the outhouse of OJSC "Institute of radio-measuring equipment", "Treymax Ukraine" Ltd
  • Construction of 125-appartment residential building on Michurina street in Boryspil, CJSC "Agrobudmekhanizatsiia"

Today in our activity we harmoniously combine the latest technologies, professional staff skills and high executive discipline. The high professional level of production management and gained experience allow us to work with projects of varying degrees of complexity and character.

We have experience of cooperation with foreign firms in the construction of objects with foreign investments. At all our sites, construction works are carried out on seheduled dates, at a high professional level in accordance with current Ukrainian and international rules and regulations. The facilities put into operation have high technical and operational parameters.

On the base of the company there is a ventilation workshop.

We have a well-trained and experienced staff. We are always ready to cooperate and it is very easy to contact us.

We can execute works or deliver materials within a rather short period of time, because our production bases and sources of supply are as close as possible to the Customer.

We will ensure a full, high-quality and timely maintenance of the executive documentation provided by the current legislation and the terms of the contract, and we will also ensure the commissioning of the object in accordance with the requirements of the Customer and the admissions commission.

After the commissioning of the facility, the company provides the customer with a guarantee passport or a guarantee letter

Production opportunities that can be used in the process of project implementation::

Automobile transport :

  • parking lot for 60 cars
  • passenger cars 5 units
  • low-tonnage trucks (GAZ, IZH) 8 units
  • buses, minibuses 1 unit
  • heavy-duty trucks (KAMAZ, KRAZ, Ural, ZIL) 12 units
  • truck cranes 2 units
  • special trailers 3 units
  • excavators 3 units
  • compressors in a set of 2 units
  • SAKS, power plants 4 units
  • means of small mechanization
  • handheld power tools and others

“Peresuvna Mekhanizovana Kolona-508” Limited Liability Company, abbreviated - PJSC "PMK-508"

Branch of the economy - Construction

Year of foundation: September 21, 2001

Form of ownership - private property

08300, Kyiv region, Borispol, 76-A Pryvokzalna street

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